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Give your legs the attention they deserve
... with measured compression for better health, great looks, and more strength.

The SIGVARIS name stands for a Swiss family firm that can look back with pride on 140 years of history. Founded in 1864 in Switzerland the company had already acquired an outstanding reputation thanks to the successful development of the medical compression stocking in cooperation with Dr. Karl Sigg.Tradition and High-Tech - Swiss Precision On Customers’ Legs

SIGVARIS is continuously developing the know-how that we have acquired over the decades, making use of the very latest medical and technical findings.

Medical Competence

SIGVARIS stockings offer proven medical effectiveness, excellent comfort for the wearer and fashionable design. Over 160 studies on SIGVARIS products have been published so far. Thus, SIGVARIS stands for medical compression therapy at the highest level.

Swiss Precision

SIGVARIS compression stockings meet the most stringent quality and environmental requirements. The whole production process, from development through knitting, packaging and finishing to product improvement, takes place in its own production facilities in St.Gallen, Switzerland. 


SIGVARIS AG, and SIGVARIS (Shanghai) did not and have not authorised any dealers, distributors or companies to sell our SIGVARIS products on the internet. We will not be able to guarantee the quality of the products you buy from unauthorised persons, companies. SIGVARIS (Shanghai) will set up its own web-shop (http://www.sigvaris-shop.cn/) by the beginning of May 2013.



瑞士丝维亚(SIGVARIS),始于1864年。作为瑞士家族企业,已有150年历史。在与Dr. Karl Sigg合作后,成功研发了医疗压力袜,使得丝维亚成为一个备受推崇的品牌。


瑞士丝维亚和丝维亚中国从未授权给任何代理商/ 经销商 / 公司在网上销售丝维亚的产品。我们没有办法保证您从这些没有授权渠道所购买产品的质量。